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Follow your passion and you would never have to work another day in your life”. ‘flIPstaan’ is exactly that. When the global pandemic hit the world, it struck me that one can actually make a perfect blend of ‘cinema’ and ‘intellectual property rights’ in a novel manner, and that is what led to the adoption, ideation and coinage of ‘flIPstaan’. The term ‘flIPstaan’ signify that it will be a take on intellectual property in a way that is a turnaround to how we usually see, learn and discuss intellectual property rights.

‘flIPstaan’ is our exclusive continuing series on combining two of my most favourite subjects, ‘Cinema’ and ‘Intellectual Property’. In this series, we will learn and discuss Intellectual Property from real/fictional situations in films, shows, serials, etc. We believe that explaining legal concepts without providing for relatable situations also leads to incomplete understanding. We intend to cover the entire gamut of issues and topics pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights in ‘flIPstaan’. With all humility, we present you ‘flIPstaan’.


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