On my first day at Law school, my Constitution Law Professor said, “The best way to learn Law is to read Judgments.”  I started with the benchmark Kesavananda Bharti Case and I am still reading it.

Welcome to a law school and welcome to the world of endless piles of judgments. Well a lawyer is not really a ‘liar’ but what gives him the ability to interchange between black and white is, his ability to interpret law. The key to learn laws is to learn to interpret it and the key to interpret it is the ability to read, read and read case laws.

We all are scared of endless endlessness of case laws and our worst fear comes true when those intelligent hundred pages have to be condensed into witty 10 lines for our memory, for our exams and for our interpretation!

So, if you have ever happened to be contacted with wonderful peculiarities of law and are in any means interested in learning law, we know you are fighting against endlessness of this universe! This is why we at Indian Case Laws bring to you, easy to read, easy to understand, easy to remember, short and sweet but prepared with great diligence and sincere effort and, also crossed checked by our faculty advisors, summaries of landmark cases on Contract Law and Company Law (don’t worry we plan to expand it soon) including the Common Law Cases (we know the name says INDIAN case laws, but hello! We are not cheating), the aim is to provide a crisp summaries of all the important and authoritative judgments.

So, Happy Interpreting!