Jurisdiction in Composite Suits for infringement of trade mark, passing off and infringement of Copyright
  • Dhodha House Vs. S.K. Maingi & Patel Field Marshal Industries and Ors. Vs. P.M. Diesel Limited; (2006) 9 SCC 41 [Summary]
  • Dabur India Ltd. v. K. R. Industries; AIR 2008 SC 3123 [Summary]
Jurisdiction on the basis of active/passive website
  • Banyan Tree Holding (P) Limited v. A. Murali Krishna Reddy and Anr., CS (OS) No. 894/2008  [Full Text]
Exclusion of Jurisdiction 
  • Indian Performing Rights Society Ltd. v. Sanjay Dalia & Anr.;  2015 (64) PTC 1
  • The Foundry Vision-mongers Ltd. v. Satya-narayana Reddy S. and Ors.; 2015 (64) PTC 108
  • Ultra Home Construction Pvt. Ltd. v. Purushottam Kumar Chaubey and Ors.; 227(2016) DLT 320
  • RSPL Ltd.  v. Mukesh Sharma and Ors.; I.A. No.11034/2015 in C.S. (OS) No.124/2015
Jurisdiction on basis of Mobile Application – Accessible and operated in the territorial jurisdiction confers jurisdiction
  • Icon Health and Fitness, Inc. v.  Sheriff Usman and Ors.;  MIPR 2018 (1) 16 (Para 17) (Delhi High Court)