ExpressionsWe have come across websites which share the call for papers and upcoming conferences/seminars. However, our idea is to share the intellectual output or key findings of these seminars which always remains in the exclusive knowledge of only those who attends. We realize the immense potential hidden in these intellectual deliberations and discussions given by the best of the legal luminaries and industry experts and strives to bring this intellectual treasure out of the closed conference rooms so as to create a much wider awareness and share their insights with everyone. Now you know, what do we expect. The task is tough, but this what makes you our true “Knowledge Ambassador”.

So, here, we call out for our Knowledge Ambassadors from each law school and colleges in India whose primary role will be- (a) to share the outcome of any good conference/seminar held/organised by their colleges in the form of a well crafted summary and (b) to share the hyperlinks to the regular posts of our website, Indian Case Laws among their peer groups and friends.

How to Apply:

Just send an email at showing your interest to join with the following details- (1) your name; (2) name of your law college/law school with the complete address; (3) year you are currently in; (4) your phone number, and (5) your favourite subject/area of interest.

Selection Criteria: First Come First Serve and Area of Interest