In Re: Mohan Exports India Ltd. vs. Tarun Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

In case the proposed scheme is bona fide and genuine and is not against public interest then mere fact that certain immovable properties or right to recover debts etc. are transferred to the transferee company would not mean that they are in violation of any provisions of the Transfer of Property Act. However, if such scheme is only with the ulterior motive to transfer the immovable properties without payment of Government or statutory dues, then the same would be against the public interest and the Court will not approve the scheme.

Internal Framework of CCI: How Director General and CCI Functions

Under Section 2(g) of the Competition Act, 2002, “Director General” means the Director General appointed under subsection (1) of section 16 and this may include any Additional, Joint, Deputy or Assistant Directors General appointed under that section. Under section 16(1) Central Government can appoint a Director General for the purposes of assisting the Competition Commission…