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Libertel Groep BV v. Benelux-Merkenbureau

Libertel Groep BV v. Benelux-Merkenbureau Case No. C-104/01, European Court of Justice, 6th May, 2003 The Applicant had applied for registration of the Colour Orange for telecommunications goods and services before Benelux Trade Marks Office (BTMO). The application form contained an orange rectangle and in the space for describing the trade mark, the word ‘orange’…

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Shield Mark BV v. Joost Kist h o d n Memex

Shield Mark BV v. Joost Kist h o d n Memex; Case No. C-283/01 European Court of Justice Brief Facts: Registrant (Sheild Mark BV) of the mark had 14 registered trade marks in its favour granted by Benelux[1] Trade Marks Office. The registrations were in Class 9 (computer software (recorded), etc.), 16 (magazines, newspapers, etc.),…


Do you have a right to request search engines to remove your personal data, i.e. Right to be Forgotten?

Have you ever thought about your “right to be forgotten”, which means, can you delete your personal data from the web? Though the question sounds simple, and in India, perhaps, never-heard-of, the issues has generated never-ending debate worldwide.