For a background check, please read The Adventures of Tom Lawyer and The Adventures of Tom Lawyer – II.

The election mood in Tom’s state was over a few years ago. Tom was going on with his regular life and so were Dick and Harry. However, none of them knew that suddenly their world would turn upside down on account of a foreign invasion.

No, no. Their country was not being attacked by another country. The issue was a novel coronavirus that had just set up its feet in their state. The virus originated from a foreign land and had travelled all over the world to reach our characters’ home country. Interestingly, the disease was transmitted by coming in close contact with the individuals suffering from the disease.

The Government of the day, realising the capability (or the lack of it) of its health infrastructure and taking notes from other foreign countries, immediately decided to put the nation under an unprecedented lockdown for couple of months without prior warning.

All offices were shut down. All individuals were stuck in their homes. No one could move out, commute or travel unless absolutely necessary and that too only for essential services. The economy’s health had dwindled. The spending had come to a standstill. Professionals were not being paid.

As a necessary corollary, the Courts were also shut down. Thus, Tom had no work and had no option but to pass his time by criticizing his government and the foreign country (Hereinafter referred to as ‘Cheeni’) for his bad situation. His bad behavior, critical attitude and frustration had aggravated and reached its peak.

Harry and Dick chose to maintain a safe social distance from Tom. In fact, so safe that even on telephonic calls, the calls were made on speakers while maintaining safe distance from the phone.

One day Harry called Tom inquiring about his pending court matters. Their conversation went something like this.

Harry:  Good Evening Tom. What is the status of my pending litigation before the Court?

Tom:    Your matter is next listed on 30th February, 2020 in Wuhan District, Cheeni. Go and attend it yourself.

Harry:  Why are you making fun of me? Why will I go to Cheeni?

Tom:    Your own Government has made fun of you. Who am I to say anything?

Harry:  I think, you have lost it completely. The Government only did it for our own health and safety.

Tom:    A little warning would have helped. Look at the conditions of Migrants. The Haves brought The virus and the Have nots have had to shift.

Harry: I can understand your frustration. But difficult times call for difficult measures.

Tom:    Yes, so let me answer you like this. Your case has been dismissed as you have not paid your counsel’s fee from eternity. Difficult times, difficult measures.

Tom disconnected the phone and started watching Ramayana on channel FarView. He only had confidence in Supreme Lord who never disappointed him. He used to meet Tom every day on television at 8 PM, without fail.

On the other hand was Dick, who had no care whatsoever to social distancing or lockdown. Truly justifying his name, Dick went out of his house whenever he deemed fit and mocked at everyone else. He was challaaned, sent to jail, put up in custody etc. multiple times during the lockdown. As per him, this ensured 2 meals of adequate food for him which was not possible if he would not have breached the lockdown.

Fed up of his antics, the cops searched him so that someone could take him and keep him in the house. They found Tom’s number in his wallet. Bereft of knowledge of Tom’s apathy towards Dick and Tom’s current state of mind, they chose to call Tom. The conversation went something like this.

Cop:   Good Evening Sir. We are speaking from the Police Station. Do you happen to know a person by the name of Dick?

Tom: Will you ensure one month of Ration in my house if I answer Yes.

Cop: No sir. We are not from the Department of Public Distribution but Law & Order.

Tom: Then I don’t know anyone by the name of Dick.

Cop: Your phone number has been found in his wallet.

Tom: I have Kanika Kapoor’s number in my phone. So, would I have novel Coronavirus?

Cop: What is this way of speaking? Please tell honestly, whether you know him or not?

Tom: Please tell me honestly, whether you can provide me with ration or not.

Cop: I am telling you one last time, we cannot provide you ration.

Tom: Ok fine. How about liquor? I believe in order to earn revenue government has opened liquor shops. 4 Corona pint please

Cop: Oh My God! You also have Corona, we are sending a team from the Hospital to pick you up. Please give us your address.

Tom: 221B Baker Street

With this Tom disconnected the phone. The cops are still trying to locate the address and have been somewhat successful in reaching one Benedict Cumberbatch who felt STRANGE about it.

Last heard, Tom was checking his internet connection’s bandwidth as he was asked to host a Webinar on something related to Professionals having a dating life. We never got to know how it went.

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