The Adventures of Tom Lawyer

imagesqwWell, we all know someone who is a lawyer among our friends, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances, etc. When we meet them, all of our per-conceived notions about lawyers and legal system spring in our chaotic mind. Often, we keep asking them our silly doubts about legal issues, their opinion on some legal development, a recent judgment, how courts work, are court proceedings more like Sunny Deol shouting, “tareekh pe tareekh” in the middle of the court room, and so many other similar questions.

The answers to these questions which come from a typical lawyer would in most probability cross like a tangent from our minds and all you get at the end is an impression- ‘Oh, he/she knows a lot!’. (Yes, lawyers do take pride in using all the legal jargon and Latin terms, just to sound more like a “Lawyer”.)

So, now let’s come out of that boring world of legal blabbering and meet your new friend, Tom SLawyer. Tom is a fictional lawyer coming home in a black coat everyday on a scooter, having his small office right down the next street. Tom is sarcastic, pompous, arrogant, lazy, rude, and rusty and that’s why his world is adventurous.

This new section on Indian Case Laws is, therefore, called ‘The Adventures of Tom SLawyer’. In this story, Harry is Tom’s client who never pays on time and Dick is Tom’s non-lawyer friend who truly justifies his name with his strange questions. But, the interesting part is, Tom never gives them a direct answer.

To start with, we have published some of their interesting conversations. The future will be definitely more ‘adventurous’ as and when their friendship goes stronger (read, ‘irritating’). Happy Reading!


Harry to Tom: Hey Tom! What do you think about the latest NJAC (National Judicial Appointment Commission) judgment, passed by the Supreme Court?

Tom: It is a 1030 pages document asking the Government to Buzz Off!


Dick to Tom: Hey Tom! Why do lawyers have summer and winter vacations, unlike other professions?

Tom: Oh! You want lawyers to suck the bloods of their clients round the year. Give us a break, Man! Even vampires take a break in morning.


Dick to Tom: How do you decide how much to bill the client?

Tom: Depends upon the next luxury possession I need to buy.


Harry to Tom: So, what would be the broader terms of the Divorce?

Tom: Well, you get a Divorce; she gets everything from your property.


Harry to Tom: What do you think about Keshavananda Bharti?

Tom: Must have been a good man. He was clearly not happy with the scheme of things. Why don’t you go to him and ask about the 9th Schedule. He also has a synonym, ‘Basic Structure’.


Dick to Tom: What is the punishment for Murder?

Tom: I don’t know, haven’t committed yet. I might start with you.


Concept and Content: Ankit Rastogi

Editing: Vivek Verma

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