The Adventures of Tom Lawyer-II

Tom was out for some time. He had received a lottery prize of a foreign trip to an exotic island. As Tom’s luck never fails to catch up with Tom, Tom forgot to carry the return ticket. The island was exotic but at the same time bereft of any communication with the world apart from a State Run ship which took the passengers/inhabitants to and fro once in six months.

However, in absence of a valid return ticket, Tom was turned down on many occasions by the Captain of the ship. Captain was a sadist and was enjoying this entire process.

In order to reach his homeland and to ensure that the Captain listens to Tom, Tom arranged some papers and a pen and wrote a Consumer Complaint to be filed at the District Headquarter of that island. The District Headquarter was well connected with sea, air and land.

Tom requested the captain to at least carry some papers to the Consumer Court in the district to the Consumer forum. Captain thought that Tom has lost it as he was sending papers and was in no mood to return.

Captain handed the paper in the Consumer Forum. As per the rules of the Consumer Forum, a Complainant was required to be present before the Consumer Court. The orders of summoning the Complainant and to ensure his presence had to be enforced by the officers of the State.

As the Captain delivered the petition and Tom was on the Island where only the Captain goes, the Captain was called to ensure that Tom reaches the District Headquarter on the date of admission hearing.

Captain requested that Tom comes to Court with him. Resultantly, Tom was back to his homeland after fighting the Consumer case and winning 50,000 towards mental Compensation from the State Run Shipping Company.

When Tom came to his homeland, he found that his state is in an election mode. There are four parties in fray, let’s just call them, the lotus, the elephant, the cycle and the palm. The cycle and the palm had joined forces to fight the lotus, which was blooming due to sheer charisma of its mass leader. Elephant was trying to find some toehold in the elections.

In this entire election mess, Tom again came across Harry and Dick. Harry was contesting on a ticket provided by ‘the Lotus’ and Dick being dick was contesting as an independent candidate.

Both of them did not wanted to be seen with Tom at the time of elections considering his rude and pompous behavior. More importantly, Tom was highly unpopular in the local area. However, they regularly sought his advice as he was a lawyer.


Harry to Tom: Hi Tom! I am appearing for ‘the Lotus’. How do I ensure, I get votes from all the sections of the public?

Tom to Harry: With your face and your public relations skill, you should not worry about how to get votes. On the contrary, you should worry about how not to lose your security deposit.


Dick to Tom: I am fighting elections as an Independent Candidate. What promises should I make to the people of my constituency apart from electricity, road and water.

Tom to Dick: In this country just add free before any commodity and is sells automatically. Promise them Free electricity, Free road and free water. I have heard a ‘broom’ party winning the capital on this promise and is now having a free ride.

Harry to Tom: Should I use the act of demonetization of currency to demonstrate that our party is serious against black money?

Tom to Harry: Don’t even try. The people who were about to beat you might just kill you.


Harry to Tom: I have to say something. The cycle-palm alliance is speaking about a long expressway and a metro launch.

Tom to Harry: Is it. That’s funny. Both the projects aren’t fully operational.


Harry to Tom: What do you think is the idea of a welfare state?

Tom to Harry: Where all the oppressors are in the state of welfare and the remaining are still looking for electricity, road and water.


Harry to Tom: Do you think any credibility exists in any party?

Tom to Harry: Yes; a pre-vote party by the election candidates. I am sure they will arrange the desired liquor as promised.


None of them actually won the election. How would they, considering Tom was their advisor. Harry continued with Tom on his multiple cases being handled by Tom and Dick continued to look at the world with Tom’s vision.

Author: Ankit Rastogi

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