aaLAWchak: Main aur Charles

“Live a Life, that is worth writing about”


Movie: Main aur Charles
Starring: Randeep Hooda, Adil Hussain and Richa Chadda
Written & Directed by: Prawaal Raman
Year of Release: 2015

‘Main aur Charles’ is such a slow movie in the first half that you will wish that you leave the theater instantly. The movie picks up it’s pace in the second half and ends up as an above average film that is likeable in parts. However, the movie does not become more than the sum of it’s parts.

The movie is a dramatized version of some life events in the life and times of the notorious criminal Charles Sobhraj, who was also referred to as the ‘Bikini Killer’.


The movie travels to and fro between Thailand, Goa, Delhi and Mumbai. The film has been beautifully shot.


The premise of the movie is set against the back drop of jail break committed by Charles Sobhraj in the year 1986. The movie covers the events around the jail break, the reasons for the same, how was it executed, the resultant trial of Charles Sobhraj in the jail break case and the criminal conspiracy that was planned by Charles Sobhraj to commit a murder.


The director has a wafer thin plot. The same could have been executed in an hour. However, the producers have to give Indian audience at least a two hour movie. Therefore, all the actors take long pauses. Randeep Hooda is filmed from all possible angles. Left, Right and Centre while doing nothing. The movie could have been edited really well and could have become a fast paced thriller.

Despite the incoherent screenplay, limited story and bad editing, ‘Main aur Charles’ is far from being unwatchable. This is mainly on account of three reasons, Randeep Hooda, Adil Hussain and some witty dialogues. Prawaal Raman who had earlier directed immensely intriguing movie ‘404’, largely forgettable ‘GAYAB’ and the Vivek Oberoi-Nana Patekar’ story in Darna Mana Hai is not upto the mark here.

Randeep Hooda looks dapper and plays Charles exceedingly well. He looks suave, menacing, devilish, charming and mean at the same time. Adil Hussain, who plays a cop on the trail of Charles Sobhraj also does a fine job and holds the film together.


Richa Chadda performs her part with ease.

The film portrays Charles as a person who has a very independent mind. Charles hates being governed by somebody else. He is shown to be a voracious reader who is meticulous to the point of perfection. If someone asks, how does the movie defines Charles Sobhraj, we will respond by saying ‘genius, celebrity, master planner, hypnotic, crook & fame hungry’ and most importantly as a writer who does not only writes his stories but lives them as well.

The movie ends with the Indian Case of jail break being concluded against Charles Sobhraj and the Hon’ble Court finding him guilty.

‘Main aur Charles’ can be missed. There is nothing special about this film, barring finer nuances of Charles Sobhraj picked up by the Director and Randeep Hooda. The notorious criminal deserved a better biopic as his life appears to be filled with variety of colourful and dangerous adventures.


We hope, in future somebody makes a better film on Charles Sobhraj. ‘Main aur Charles’ does not do justice to the life and times of Charles Sobhraj. However, we would like to add, that Charles might not have been played this well by anybody other than Randeep Hooda.

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